Jen Mascali was inspired at an early age by her great grandfather who, as a leather artisan, handcrafted shoes for actresses, princesses and prominent women of his time. The shoes he crafted for Grace Kelly’s wedding can be seen in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

With creativity in her genes Jen wanted to develop her appreciation for the art of design and beauty of Italian craftsmanship.

Moving to Florence she began working as an assistant to a luxury handbag designer and began to develop her skills and turn her attention to aesthetic detail into innovative creations.

Jen Mascali launched in Fall 2010 in New York, Milan and Paris. Mascali was recognized by the prestigious Pitti organization as an emerging designer to watch and was placed alongside her most talented piers at their Milan show, TOUCH. The brand was also selected to show at the Hotel Ritz during Paris Fashion Week.

Known for their Rich Hippie vibe, the bags, produced in the finest factories in Tuscany, alongside some of the worlds most prominent and well- respected brands, are the perfect combination of casual elegance and handcrafted, raw luxury. The brand is a favorite of Academy Award winning actress and style icon, Halle Berry and stylish women who appreciate the beauty of design and are not afraid to be individuals.

Jen is determined to promote and preserve the integrity of the Made in Italy label. Italian craftsmanship and fine attention to detail are key elements of the brand.

Today, the leathers of Mascali’s Great Grandfather hang in her studio, with the history of their transformation into wearable art sparking inspiration in each of her designs.

Through heritage and experience Jen Mascali has created a brand of handcrafted, timeless pieces - raw luxury.